Departmental Staff

Mr K Wild - Curriculum Leader
Mr D Corcoran - Assistant Headteacher
Mrs A Langan

History (Schools History Project) Specification A
Board:  AQA  Subject Code:  4042



Paper 1:  Study in Development - 35% of total marks
Medicine and Public Health Through Time (40401A)

Paper 2:  Enquiry in Depth - 40% of total marks
Germany 1919 - 1945 (40402D)

Key topics to be studied for examinations

•  Development study on the History of Medicine.
Depth study on Nazi Germany.


Controlled Assessment

Local Study - Saltaire - 25% of total marks

1. Why did Titus Salt build Saltaire?
2. What evidence is there to support or contradict Titus Salt's role as a philanthropist?
3. How well can you assess the utility of the physical evidence in understanding Titus Salt and Saltaire?


Recommended revision texts

Substantial revision guides/packs are produced by the History Department and distributed free to students.
The Department strongly advise the purchase of Philip Allen Revision Books (available from History teachers).


Tips for Parents

Places of interest/events to visit connected with syllabus:
Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds
Saltaire Village (Shipley) (Controlled Assessment Visit)



Helpful websites

www.activehistory.co.uk Cold war, Nazi Germany, Russian Revolution, First World War etc
www.johndclare.net revision sheets, archive of questions and model answers, primary evidence, source work etc.



Year 9
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Year 10
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Year 11
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